1. Vic Chestnutt: Drunk (Texas Hotel Records)
“Vic is my hero; he’s the biggest person I’ve ever met. Every track on Drunk is a sweet thrill”.

2. Beastie Boys: Ill Communication (Grand Royal/Capitol)
“Groovy upright bass and a really cool single. Makes my babies dance”.

3. Meat Puppets: Too High to Die (London)
“The Meat Puppets can save you; we should all send them presents”.

4. Sugar: “Your Favorite Thing” (Rykodisc)
“Best scary pop single this year”.

5. Hole : Live Through This (DGC)
“Courtney sings like Excene Cervenka, like she has a beautiful cold. “Asking for It” is amazing”.

6. R.E.M.: Monster (WarnerBros.)
“I could listen to vibrato electric guitar for hours, so I do”.

7. Latin Playboys: Latin Playboys (Slash)
“Best release of this year, according to me. It’s so good hardly anyone heard it. Literally modern folk songs. We need this record”.

8. G. Love and Special Sauce: G. Love and Special Sauce (OKeh)
“I love the sounds on this. Very swell production”.

9. Public Enemy: “Give It Up” (Def Jam)
“Public Enemy can do no wrong, plus this is great”.

10. Nirvana: Mtv Unplugged in New York (DGC)
“This kills me and everyone else. Beautiful Leadbelly tribute”.

Kristin Hersh picks ten records released in 1994 for Rolling Stone magazine, at the end of that year.

Retrieved from an old and sadly gone fansite (Original link of source: http://www1.usa1.com/~aycrumba/khkdgallery/KHpicks.html)